Thoughts on Steve Ballmer’s Exit from Microsoft

I was asked to comment on the shakeup at Microsoft and this post in the New Yorker. 

So, here are a few bullet points of my initial thoughts…

  • Fear snuffs out creativity.
  • Taking smart even brilliant people and having them compete to avoid failure breaks every rule of how to build motivation and morale.
  • It is obvious that Microsoft didn’t know how to build effective working teams — either in the management of the enterprise or the the creation of ideas to make the enterprise competitive.
  • Brilliance without heart is not sustainable.
  • Steve Jobs was, at times tyrannical, but he had a sense of the team, of how to motivate and challenge individuals. 

I could go on and on.

Just because you’re intelligent doesn’t mean you’re smart – whether you’re an individual, or a organization.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Steve Ballmer’s Exit from Microsoft

  1. Interesting and provocative assessment to be sure Rod. How to institutionalize more responsive, creative and daring leadership in large corporations — particularly with most stakeholders (i.e., investors) primarily interested in ROI, however pretty or ugly that might be — is the question, is it not? That’s probably more than a simple, if obvious, shift in perspective. Or a simple matter of education. How do you approach such a thing at the institutional level Rod??


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