Wisdom of the Ages

I stumbled across a faded client file from 20 years ago and unfolded a sheet of newsprint I used during a workshop in 1993.  During a discussion on leadership, I referred to a book that had just been published that captured the “essential elements of a leader”. I was a huge fan of Leadership Jazz by Max Depree – one the best books on the subject.

All these years later, I remain a fan, and a fervent advocate of these principles that withstand the test of time.

(And, in the newsprint vs Powerpoint debate, chalk a point up for the pen and paper! A typed transcript is provided after the jump.)


Tough Questions for Very Human Leaders

  • Do you take time regularly to recognize and thank people?
  • Do you show interest and concern in their work?
  • Do you let people know when you don’t know something?
  • Do you call key customers regularly to touch base?
  • Do people come to you to confide in you?
  • Does the day to day work of the organization feel boring, stale & conservative? What risk or sense of adventure do you model?
  • Do you hire the best – even individuals better than you?
  • Do you stop, talk, listen, congratulate, inquire – as part of your role?
  • But, do you really listen?
  • Are you willing to let go of unproductive programs? People?
  • Do you institutionalize effective interventions?
  • Do you life people beyond complacency, reignite emotion or ambition, challenge?
  • Do people feel supported, encouraged to grow personally?
  • Are you publicly accountable with your own goals? Achievements? Feedback?
  • Do you model openness?

2 thoughts on “Wisdom of the Ages

  1. Rod – This is very fine. Thank you. Love and respect, John H (sent this to Zachary)

    John C. Huie, Ph. D.

    Educational Consultant Professional Member, Independent Educational Consultants Association Therapeutic Residential/Wilderness and Boarding School Placements

    Guiding Families To Settings Where Children Can Thrive

    1333 Merrimon Avenue Asheville, NC 28804 828 252 8062 Asheville Office 828 989 9100 Charlotte Office 828 225 1702 – FAX

    John@johnhuie.com http://wwwjohnhuie.blogspot.com


  2. Hello Rod
    Just a quick note to thank you for taking the time to post your thoughts and theories.
    I look forward to reading them and my spirit lifts when I see them in my in box.
    Very best regards
    Alex Adams


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