Who-a Culpa?


What would you expect from a kid who can catch a ball with one hand, and has his wizardry played over and over on multiple media outlets and to millions of fans who only care about video clips and nothing about the athlete behind it. The adulation he receives feeds of his self-centered arrogance.

Yes, he should have been suspended … not one game but two or three. And one more episode — out of the league forever. To use yourself as a weapon? unacceptable.

Whoa, wait a minute. Such out of control behavior cannot have been Beckham’s first offense. Egregious acts of poor judgement are almost always preceded by other acts…. perhaps not spearing an opponent, but other outrageous acts where temper and, what some euphemistically call competitive spirit, has flared. And it’s been observed and not only condoned, but systematically rewarded.

Tom Coughlin, Beckham’s coach, is a man of high character. But, in recent years, his teams have been failing. Beckham offered a spark to the Giant fans and, perhaps to the team. Coughlin’s known to be someone who sees everything. But, he missed the three or more other attempts of Beckham to hurt his opponent? So what else did he and the other coaches “miss” that needed too be acknowledged by Beckham?

The player, the team, the coach, the refs, the media, the fans, the guilt is shared.

One thought on “Who-a Culpa?

  1. Thanks for sharing. Of course, I totally agree but I may be biased since Rod was my professor, my advisor and is a friend. Particularly insightful for us which, I know, is why you shared it. Much appreciated.

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